Our Mission


The mission of Phi Mu Foundation is the lifetime development of women through the support of Phi Mu’s leadership, scholarship, philanthropic and educational programs, and historic preservation.

Dear Sisters & Friends:

We truly hope you feel an enormous sense of pride as you reflect on your involvement with Phi Mu Foundation. Glancing through this website, you’ll see that your significant donations of time and treasure have helped to create a world of possibility for women across the nation.

By providing powerful scholarship opportunities, alleviating the burden of financial hardship, relieving families when natural disasters strike and preserving the legacy of one of the longest-serving women’s organizations of our time – YOU are paving the way for the next generation of exceptional women to lead us into a brighter tomorrow.

Can you feel the pride when women share that their scholarship made the difference in helping them to achieve their dreams?

Can you feel the pride as chapter consultants inspire leaders on college campuses across the nation each and every day?

Can you feel the pride when Foundation’s mission is resonating with our undergraduate women, evident in the fact that 127 collegiate chapters had 100% participation in the 2016 M3 campaign?

Can you feel the pride when your passion for Phi Mu and the women supported by Phi Mu Foundation creates a strong collaborative link between the visionary Founders of our Fraternity and the insightful women who brought our Foundation to life 60 years ago?

We hope you feel the pride for all that you do, especially the important role you have in furthering the lifetime development of women. On behalf of our Board of Trustees and staff, we are proud to share your passion for Phi Mu Foundation. We appreciate the opportunity to work in partnership with you to bring this vibrant sisterhood and powerful mission to life each and every day.

Thank you for an incredible year and for sharing your passion and pride to create even more possibilities for tomorrow.

Yours in Our Bond,

Anji Roe Wood, Executive Director