Phi Mu Foundation strives to uphold the promise made to all donors to be the dependable steward of their investment, which is a fundamental responsibility the Foundation takes seriously. Decades of sound leadership and conservative investment strategies have favorably positioned Phi Mu Foundation to respond to and meet the ever-growing needs of Phi Mu and its members. Offering a variety of giving opportunities remains a top priority for the Foundation. It is through these opportunities that donors have been more generous than ever before. Our goal is to expand on recent successes and to reinvest, more than ever, in Phi Mu sisters today and those to come.

Phi Mu Foundation has been awarded the Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency, demonstrating our commitment to transparency by providing up-to-date information for potential donors to make educated decisions. To read more about our Guidestar status, visit our profile here.

More than 60 years ago, Phi Mu Foundation opened its doors with nearly $2,000 in the bank and today, the Foundation proudly holds assets in excess of $10 million. Diligently managing operating expenses continues to remain a key component of the Foundation’s financial management strategy. Phi Mu Foundation retains relationships with third-party investment and wealth management firms to ensure that the Foundation’s short and long-term investment objectives are being met.

The Foundation undergoes an independent financial audit each year and a comprehensive audit report is made available to the Board of Trustees.  To read more about the Foundation’s impact and review our financial statement, check out our 2019-20 Annual Report. If you have questions about the financial statement, please contact Foundation Controller Diana Dix at