Meet Carolyn Silberman, Delta Beta and her daughter Mary Nguyen, Eta Rho

One of the most cherished bonds in Phi Mu is when a mother and daughter share in our sisterhood. But for mother and daughter Carolyn Silberman and Mary Nguyen, it seemed that fate may have played a hand in both of their Phi Mu journeys.

When Carolyn first stepped onto the campus of University of Illinois, she had every intention of joining a sorority. Her older sister was the immediate Past Panhellenic President and a member of a sorority on campus, but Carolyn’s formal recruitment experience didn’t turn out as she had hoped. She was disappointed and felt like her hopes of joining a sorority had been dashed. But the following year, she gave informal recruitment a chance and immediately fell in love with Phi Mu. It was such an instant connection, that in that moment, she couldn’t imagine being part of any other sorority on campus.

Fast-forward to 2016, Carolyn’s daughter Mary was a student at Sacramento State University in California, and was facing a challenging collegiate experience. Not involved in Greek life at the time, Mary was toying with the idea of leaving school when a chance encounter with former Phi Mu Chapter Consultant Ashley Franklin, EΣ, changed her life.

“If it wasn’t for Ashley reaching out to me as I walked by on campus, I wouldn’t be here today. Struggling with school and wanting to drop out, the semester that I initiated into Phi Mu would have been my last semester of college had I not had my sisters.”

Carolyn was left speechless when Mary told her that she was considering membership in Phi Mu.

“When Mary first told me that Phi Mu was establishing a new chapter at Sacramento State and asked me how I would feel about her going to a membership interview, I started crying! I was so excited to not only have her as my daughter, but also as a sister.”

Carolyn and Mary both understand the value of supporting sisters when they need it the most, which inspired them to join the Phi Mu Foundation Rose & White Giving Program during 18 Hours & 52 Minutes of Giving last fall. Click here for more information on how you can join them.

Carolyn Silberman resides in Campbell, California and is an active member of the Santa Clara Valley Alumnae Chapter. Mary Nguyen is finishing her senior year at Sacramento State University and looks forward to joining her mother as a member of the Santa Clara Valley Alumnae Chapter and giving back to the sisterhood that has given them both so much.