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2022 Phi Mu Foundation Annual Meeting

Consent Calendar

  • Phi Mu Foundation 2022 National Convention Annual Meeting Standing Rules
    1. The right to speak and vote on issues before the assembly is limited to Phi Mu Foundation members who are properly registered at the annual meeting.
    2. The quorum shall be 25 members of the corporation, including at least four trustees and the right to vote shall be accorded each member of the corporation in attendance at any meeting.
    3. There shall be two floor microphones for debate: Pro and Con. Either microphone may be used for main motions/resolutions, subsidiary motions, incidental motions, privileged motions etc.
    4. Main motions and substantive amendments shall be presented in writing to the Chairwoman.
    5. Debate will alternate between Pro and Con speakers.
    6. A member may speak once for three minutes on a debatable motion or amendment. The member may speak a second time after all others who wish to speak have been heard and if time allows.
    7. Discussion on each debatable, substantive item of business will be limited to 15 minutes. The time may be extended by a two-thirds vote of the assembly.
    8. A member desiring to speak shall stand at a microphone, address the Presiding Officer and, when recognized, give her name and convention status.
    9. No member shall speak in debate more than once on the same question on the same day and no longer than three minutes without permission of the convention voting body, which must be granted by a two-thirds vote, without debate.
    10. A consent calendar may be authorized to take matters of business in gross, without debate or amendment. Any one member may remove an item from the consent calendar and it will be considered separately.
    11. If there is no member seeking recognition at a microphone, the Chairwoman may put the questions to a vote.
    12. At the close of all nominations, each nominee may have two minutes for remarks.
    13. No seconding speeches are allowed on nominations.
    14. The Chairwoman shall appoint a teller’s committee of three to count ballots. During the absence of the tellers to count ballots, the meeting may proceed with the order of business but not take any votes on substantive items of business.
    15. The ballots and any other election material may be destroyed 30 days after the close of the meeting.
    16. The bylaws committee, or Secretary, shall be authorized to correct article and section designations, punctuation, and cross references; and to make such other technical and conforming changes as may be necessary to reflect the intent of the membership in connection with any bylaw or rule changes adopted at the meeting.
    17. All audible devices, with the exception of medical devices, shall be silenced during the meeting.
    18. No recording devices shall be permitted at the meeting without the approval of the President. The Secretary and/or the Executive Director shall be allowed to record the business session and announce the recording to the Convention body at the beginning of the annual meeting.
    19. The minutes of the meeting shall be approved by the President and Secretary within 60 days of the meeting. In the event that any amendment or resolution proposed at a Foundation membership meeting might endanger the tax-exempt status of the Foundation vote on such amendment or resolution shall be subject to approval by an attorney before it can become effective.
    20. All other rules are those contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised and they shall govern the Phi Mu Foundation in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws or the information and procedures of this Foundation.
    21. Once adopted, these rules shall require a two-thirds vote for amendment or suspension.
  • Approval of Annual Meeting Agenda
    • Call to Order
    • Introductions
    • Appointments
    • Foundation President’s Remarks
    • State of the Foundation 
    • Report of the Corporate Secretary/Treasurer
    • Consent Calendar
    • Report of the Nominating Committee
    • Trustee Elections
    • Awards
    • Donor Recognition
    • Installation of New Trustees
    • Retiring Trustee Recognition
    • New Business
    • Presidential Closing Comments
    • Adjournment
    • Announcements