Our Purpose

Why establish a charitable Foundation separate from the Fraternity?

  • To offer Phi Mu members and friends the opportunity of tax advantages for gifts benefiting Phi Mu.
  • To establish and manage funds that permanently endow scholarships and other established funds.
  • To solely concentrate on fundraising activities and the stewardship of donors.
  • To fund and oversee the collection and preservation of Phi Mu’s history.
  • To allow the opportunity for Phi Mu sisters to help one another through emergency scholarships and financial assistance to members in need.
  • To promote annual and capital campaigns, including the $4 million capital campaign to build Phi Mu’s National Headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia.

In short, Phi Mu Foundation’s sole purpose is to raise tax-exempt gifts used to fund values- based leadership programming, academic and emergency scholarships available to collegiate and alumnae members, provide membership assistance to sisters in need of financial support, and preserve the history of Phi Mu for generations to come.