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Social Media Policy


Phi Mu Fraternity Internet, Website and Social Media Guidelines

The purpose of Phi Mu Foundation social media accounts is to provide a safe space for the organization and its followers to frequently engage in conversation and provide information on mission-related programs and events. Members and friends can find Phi Mu Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching @PhiMuFoundation. All posts and comments on official Foundation social media pages are moderated by Foundation staff members. The Phi Mu Foundation Social Media Commenting Policy below provides guidelines to keep conversations within the Foundation social media community productive and positive.


In the ever-changing world of technology, the Internet and social media usage, Phi Mu Fraternity encourages all members to keep our Oath and Creed in mind. The principles of Love, Honor and Truth apply as much to online communications as they do to in-person interactions.

Internet Guidelines

Phi Mu Fraternity encourages chapter members and alumnae to publish and communicate freely and openly on the internet, but when doing so, members and chapters should abide by policies and guidelines contained herein, by the Phi Mu Fraternity Constitution and Bylaws and by the “Policy Statements.”

These guidelines apply to individual members and Phi Mu chapters when using the public and members’ only side of the Phi Mu Fraternity website; any collegiate chapter, alumnae chapter or chapter association website; any individual websites which reference Phi Mu or use Phi Mu trademarks; any social media; any public Internet sites, including chat rooms and photo sharing sites, where members identify themselves as a Phi Mu; and any email or instant messaging services referencing membership in Phi Mu.

Because the Internet has a worldwide audience and website pages are public documents, members must understand that they are representing Phi Mu to the public at all times. Each member is expected to consider carefully any material placed on the Internet. It is incumbent on members to preserve and protect Phi Mu’s name, image and reputation.

These rules refer to chapter websites (collegiate and alumnae), personal websites and social media platforms. Phi Mu reserves the right to modify these usage guidelines at any time.

Chapter Websites

All chapter (collegiate and alumnae, and chapter association) websites shall be in good taste and conform to these guidelines and Fraternity governing documents. Correct terminology shall be used. Examples: “alumnae” not “alumni;” “recruitment” not “rush;” and “members, collegians, sisters or initiates” when referring to initiated members, not “actives.”

National Council and the National Headquarters reserves the right to monitor and review chapter and association websites to ensure image consistency and adherence to Phi Mu standards, but does not accept responsibility for the content of such websites.

Each chapter and association website shall provide a link to the official Phi Mu website (www.phimu.org). All information provided on chapter and association websites shall be kept as up-to-date as possible and shall provide a date stamp on the website to indicate the date last modified and the author of the page. Including the email address of the author is strongly encouraged.

Websites shall not include links to personal/commercial sites that are inconsistent with these guidelines or any Fraternity policy or governing document. Websites shall not engage in product endorsements or other personal/commercial advertising unless approved in writing by the National President.

For safety and privacy concerns, members are cautioned about publishing personal information, such as members’ addresses and telephone numbers, on websites. Chapter officers and individual members may not wish to list their full name on chapter websites for their own and for the chapter’s privacy.

Personal Websites

Phi Mu requires those members with personal websites to provide a disclaimer on the website indicating that the pages are not “official” and that the author is solely responsible for the content. Phi Mu encourages its members to use these guidelines when publishing personal websites, especially the policies pertaining to use of trademarks and copyrights.

Trademarks and Copyrights

Phi Mu Fraternity owns the rights to its insignia. These trademarks include the Greek letters “ΦM,” “Phi Mu,” the Phi Mu Crest and the Phi Mu Badge. These trademarks have acquired a secondary meaning and have engendered good will associated with the marks which Phi Mu must protect and maintain in order to preserve its intellectual property rights. Most Fraternity publications are copyrighted.

Permission is granted to collegiate and alumnae chapters to use Phi Mu’s trademarks, but such permission may be revoked under intellectual property infringement law. Authors of any website should have express permission from Phi Mu Fraternity or the owner of the trademark or copyright, when using any trademark, logo or copyrighted material.

Social Media

Phi Mu members are encouraged to post and communicate on social media at their discretion. All discussions should comply with these guidelines, Fraternity policies and Fraternity governing documents. Problems and complaints should not be discussed with other members, or other chapters, via social media as they are not completely secure, despite best efforts.

The written word of Ritual, reference to any ritualistic service or sharing of membership selection processes is forbidden on social media sites.

Members may not harass others via social media; use prejudiced/discriminatory speech; or language that libels another individual or group.

Impermissible Use Statement

Phi Mu resources and symbols may only be used for official purposes and may not be used for any purpose which is illegal, immoral, unethical, dishonest, damaging to the reputation of Phi Mu Fraternity, inconsistent with the mission of Phi Mu Fraternity or likely to subject Phi Mu Fraternity to liability in Phi Mu Fraternity’s sole discretion.


Violations of these guidelines, any related Phi Mu policies, any Fraternity governing document or impermissible use contained in this document by any Phi Mu member, chapter or chapter association may result in disciplinary action.

Each member and chapter is also required to abide by Panhellenic rules, university policies and any and all applicable federal, state and local laws, especially those governing computer and telecommunication use, privacy and publicity rights and defamation.


Phi Mu Foundation Social Media Commenting Policy

Phi Mu Foundation encourages its followers to engage with content posted on its social media pages, keeping the dialogue productive and positive. Comments on all Phi Mu Foundation social media pages are moderated by Foundation staff members. Phi Mu Foundation reserves the right to delete comments or posts on official Phi Mu Foundation social media pages that are inflammatory or derogatory as interpreted by the Phi Mu Foundation Communications Strategist and Executive Director. Collegiate or alumnae members of Phi Mu Fraternity who engage on official Foundation social media pages with inflammatory or derogatory comments will be referred to the Phi Mu Fraternity Honor Committee. A reminder that individuals can be held legally liable for what they write online.

Examples of comments and posts that may be deleted and could result in an Honor Committee referral:

· Profanity, foul language, or slurs
· Personal attacks, threats or shaming of another individual or group of people
· Deliberately provoking another individual or group of people
· Sharing of Phi Mu ritual or other Fraternity or Foundation members-only business