Leadership & Educational Programming

In 2019-20, we dedicated $155,480 through grants to the Fraternity to enrich the Phi Mu experience for thousands of women.

Under the guidance of our joint strategic plan, Phi Mu Fraternity and Phi Mu Foundation have a shared vision to develop confident, vibrant women.

Investing in leadership and educational programming like the Chapter Consultant Program and the Phi Mu Leadership Institute challenges our members to think big; to be confident in their abilities to solve tough problems and lead others to find solutions in a complex environment. These programs encourage women to push doubts and uncertainties aside and to lead with confidence each and every day.

img_0579“As a former Chapter Consultant myself, I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous impact the program has on our membership, and the benefits it offers not only to our chapters and members, but also to the women who serve as consultants. The investment we make in these women to become trained leaders is something they’ll carry with them throughout their time on the road, into their careers, and for the rest of their lives.”

Jessica Sopko
Delta Beta, University of Illinois
Director of Member Services, Phi Mu Fraternity


Chapter Consultants

One of the longest-running grants that Phi Mu Foundation has made to Phi Mu Fraternity is the financial support of the Chapter Consultant program. Each year, leading Phi Mu women make their way across the country, providing guidance, support, problem-solving skills and inspiration to our chapters and our members. The funds we grant to the Fraternity support the leadership training of the consultant team and access to resources they need to ensure our chapters are running efficiently and effectively. The Chapter Consultant Program has seen tremendous growth alongside the expansion of our Fraternity and is an integral part of our commitment to cultivate leadership and educational opportunities for our membership.


Phi Mu Leadership Institute

The Phi Mu Leadership Institute provides an opportunity for at least one emerging leader from each collegiate chapter to come together for a 4-day leadership program to enhance their leadership skills. The program begins with a focus on the self, transitions to a focus on group, self and others, and concludes with a focus on change. The overarching theme of the Institute is “investment” and helping participants understand the importance of investing in themselves, their chapter, the Fraternity and their communities. The Institute includes team-building exercises that all have a deeper meaning of examining interpersonal relationships and leadership skills. In addition to the curriculum, the Kouzes and Posner’s Student Leadership Practices Inventory assessment is covered to allow participants to better understand both their own strengths and to examine their skills in working with others.


Phi Mu Officer Academy

The Phi Mu Officer Academy is an annual leadership training for the President; Vice President; Treasurer; Membership Director; Phi Director and Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention from every collegiate chapter across the country. The Academy is facilitated by Phi Mu staff and experienced volunteer officers and provides office-specific education as well as an opportunity for chapters to share best practices. The topics covered are aimed at equipping these key chapter leaders with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to be successful.