2015 M3 Campaign Results

FINAL 2015 M3 Campaign Results!

Thank you to sisters, friends and collegiate chapters for contributing to the 2015 M3 Campaign!

Top 10 Contributing Chapters to M3
1. Alpha Delta, University of Mississippi
2. Alpha Beta, University of Arkansas
3. Delta Tau, Western Kentucky University
4. Alpha Zeta, The University of Alabama
5. Alpha Eta, Louisiana State University
6. Lambda Theta, University of South Carolina
7. Alpha Alpha, University of Georgia
8. Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University
9. Alpha Rho, University of Louisiana at Monroe
10. Chi, University of Missouri


100% Participation Chapters

1. Alpha Alpha, University of Georgia
2. Alpha Beta, University of Arkansas
3. Alpha Delta, University of Mississippi
4. Alpha Epsilon, Florida State University
5. Alpha Eta, Louisiana State University
6. Alpha Gamma, Samford University
7. Alpha Iota, Mercer University
8. Alpha Kappa, College of Charleston
9. Alpha Lambda, Louisiana Tech University
10. Alpha Mu, Auburn University
11. Alpha Nu, University of Florida
12. Alpha Omicron, University of Southern Mississippi
13. Alpha Rho, University of Louisiana at Monroe
14. Alpha Pi, University of Houston
15. Alpha Psi, Southeastern Louisiana University
16. Alpha Sigma, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
17. Alpha Upsilon, McNeese State University
18. Alpha Zeta, University of Alabama
19. Beta Mu, The Pennsylvania State University
20. Beta Nu, Bethany College
21. Beta Tau, Drexel University
22. Beta Upsilon, Westmister College
23. Chi, University of Missouri-Columbia
24. Delta, Tulane University
25. Delta Alpha, Indiana University
26. Delta Epsilon, Purdue University
27. Delta Eta, Georgetown College
28. Delta Iota, Baldwin Wallace University
29. Delta Lambda, University of Evansville
30. Delta Tau, Western Kentucky University
31. Delta Theta, Transylvania University
32. Delta Zeta, University of Cincinnati
33. Epsilon, Millsaps
34. Epsilon Epsilon, Oklahoma City University
35. Epsilon Lambda, Arkansas Tech University
36. Epsilon Mu, Houston Baptist University
37. Epsilon Nu, Oklahoma State University
38. Epsilon Omicron, Southern Arkansas University
39. Epsilon Pi, Tarleton State University
40. Epsilon Rho, Lyon College
41. Epsilon Sigma, University of Texas at San Antonio
42. Epsilon Xi, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
43. Eta Beta, University of Washington
44. Eta Nu, Cal. State University, Northridge
45. Eta Xi, Cal. State University, Stanislaus
46. Eta Zeta, Cal. State University, Fresno
47. Gamma Delta, American University
48. Gamma Gamma, Queens University of Charlotte
49. Gamma Kappa, UNC-Wilmington
50. Gamma Lambda, UNC-Chapel Hill
51. Gamma Mu, Western Carolina University
52. Gamma Rho, University of West Georgia
53. Gamma Sigma, Georgia College and State University
54. Gamma Tau, The Johns Hopkins University
55. Gamma Theta, James Madison University
56. Gamma Zeta, High Point University
57. Kappa, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
58. Kappa Alpha, Mississippi State University
59. Kappa Beta, Valdosta State University
60. Kappa Chi, University of Montevallo
61. Kappa Epsilon, Delta State University
62. Kappa Eta, Nicholls State University
63. Kappa Gamma, Troy University
64. Kappa Iota, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
65. Kappa Lambda, University of Memphis
66. Kappa Mu, Georgia Southern University
67. Kappa Omega University of South Alabama
68. Kappa Omicron, Armstrong State University
69. Kappa Phi, LaGrange College
70. Kappa Pi, Tennessee Technological University
71. Kappa Rho, Florida Atlantic University
72. Kappa Sigma, Jacksonville State University
73. Kappa Tau, Lander University
74. Kappa Upsilon, University of North Georgia
75. Kappa Xi, University of West Alabama
76. Lambda Beta, Appalachian State University
77. Lambda Epsilon, Christopher Newport University
78. Lambda Iota, East Carolina University
79. Lambda Theta, University of South Carolina
80. Mu, Brenau University
81. Nu, Shorter University
82. Phi Alpha, McDaniel College
83. Phi Beta, Albright College
84. Phi Delta, Salisbury University
85. Phi Eta, York College of Pennsylvania
86. Phi Gamma, University of Maryland Baltimore County
87. Phi Kappa, Muhlenberg College
88. Phi Lambda, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
89. Phi Nu, Rutgers University
90. Phi Theta, Towson University
91. Phi Xi, Cornell University
92. Rho, Hanover College
93. Rho Alpha, IUPUI
94. Rho Beta, University of Michigan-Dearborn
95. Rho Delta, Central Michigan University
96. Rho Gamma, Ball State University
97. Rho Iota, University of Kentucky
98. Rho Kappa, Kent State University
99. Rho Lambda, Cleveland State University
100. Rho Mu, DePaul University
101. Rho Theta, Elmhurst College
102. Rho Zeta, Bellarmine University
103. Theta, Belmont University
104. Theta Alpha, University of North Alabama
105. Theta Beta, Georgia State University
106. Theta Delta, Spring Hill College
107. Theta Epsilon, Kennesaw State University
108. Theta Gamma, Florida International University
109. Theta Kappa, Huntingdon College
110. Theta Nu, Florida Gulf Coast University
111. Theta Theta, Columbus State University
112. Theta Zeta, Georgia Institute of Technology
113. Zeta Gamma, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
114. Zeta Sigma, University of Wisconsin-River Falls