5 Reasons to Give to Phi Mu Foundation

  1. We provide academic scholarships to Phi Mu collegians and alumnae. This year, we were able to award $230,500 in scholarship money to women who are pursuing their dreams of a higher education.
  2. We help fund top-tier leadership and education programs like Phi Mu Leadership Institute and the Chapter Consultant Program that empower our women to become leaders on their campuses and in their communities.
  3. When our sisters are affected by natural disasters or family emergencies, we can offer member assistance via the Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund and Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund.
  4. Preserving the history of our Fraternity is at the core of our mission. Capturing the essence of our sisterhood across the generations reminds us of our roots in literacy, philanthropy and friendship.
  5. When you make a gift to Phi Mu Foundation, you’re positively impacting another sister’s Phi Mu experience…allowing her to embrace our values of love, honor and truth…and that is priceless!