Established Funds

Phi Mu Foundation enjoys the benefits of 90 named funds and scholarships and 20 library funds.

Named Funds and Grants

Many of the named funds and grants are designated for leadership programming.  Programs such as the Chapter Consultant program, Phi Mu Leadership Institute and Phi Mu Officer Academy receive Foundation dollars.  Member assistance grants are also given for sisters and their family members in need.

Named Scholarships

There are 63 named scholarships that provide financial assistance to collegians and alumnae who pursue their academic goals in undergraduate and graduate school.  The scholarship application process opens every January.  Applications are reviewed by a scholarship committee of the Phi Mu Foundation.  Decisions are made and scholarships are awarded by June of each year.  Monies are sent directly to colleges and universities for disbursement at the beginning of the fall academic year.

Library Funds

Library Funds assist collegiate chapters that have an established fund in the chapter’s name (for example, the Alpha Alpha Library Fund) to build, renovate or provide materials for educational portions of a facility.  Alumnae can contribute to their chapter’s library fund and chapters and local house corporations can apply for the funds.

To Establish a Named Fund/Grant/Scholarship

Named funds, grants or scholarships can be established after a fund has been capitalized at $25,000.  If you would like to leave a lasting legacy that will benefit collegians and alumnae, consider establishing a named fund/grant or scholarship. The Phi Mu Foundation will assist with the set up and management of the named fund.

For more information on named funds contact the Phi Mu Foundation Director of Major Gifts at 770-632-2126.