2021-22 Annual Report

2021-22 Phi Mu Foundation Annual Report

Janeen Judah (Texas A&M)

2022-2024 Foundation President

Kristin Tofanelli (Georgia Southern)

Executive Director

A Message From Our Leadership

Dear Sisters and Friends,

Thank you for the incredible support you have shown the Foundation over the last year. We have so much to celebrate because of your love and loyalty to Phi Mu, including the success of raising more than $20 million in current and deferred gifts through the mission-driven One Destiny Campaign. You’ll see a glance in this Annual Report of how those investments are already at work through the various programs we’ve funded this fiscal year.

The kindness of your generosity is seen in the faces of our Phi Mu sisters across the country – whether it be the 99 collegians and alumnae that we supported with academic scholarships; the 15 women who received emergency grants when they needed help getting on their feet; or the tens of thousands of members who reap the benefits of the longest-standing grant in our history, the Phi Mu Chapter Consultant Program. While we continue to face the challenges of a difficult economic environment and record-high inflation, know that we are committed to being good financial stewards of your investment in Phi Mu Foundation in order to sustain this level of support for women throughout their lives.

Your gifts make a difference and we are grateful for your dedication to Sisters Helping Sisters.

Our Mission


Empowering Women to Become Lifelong Leaders

As a literary organization founded by three women who were amongst the first to pioneer their way through college, Phi Mu has rooted itself in leadership and education since 1852. By investing in Phi Mu Fraternity’s innovative leadership and educational programs, we are empowering Phi Mu women with the tools they need to not only excel during their four years in college, but for a lifetime.

“The support you have poured into the Chapter Consultant Program has made such a positive impact on my life. Being a Chapter Consultant helped me find the freedom to be myself, to love with an open heart and to lead fearlessly.”

Alexa Valarezo


In 2021-22, we awarded

$ 0

in leadership and educational grants for various programs, including:


to the Chapter Consultant Program

Supporting leadership training, communication skills, conflict resolution, strategic planning, goal setting, academic achievement and philanthropic activities within a chapter and in the campus community.


to Project Hope

Supporting Project HOPE’s COVID-19 response in the United States in memory of Jan Downing.


to the Alpha Beta Chapter at University of Arkansas

Supporting educational programming, facilities, equipment and materials for undergraduate chapter members.


to Phi Mu Officer Academy

Funding the featured keynote speakers Amanda Florence Goodenough, M.S., Ed., and Cristina Pérez-Simmons, M.S., from Social Responsibility Speaks™.


to Phi Mu Fraternity National and Area Volunteer Forum

Funding the featured keynote speakers Dr. Erika Michaelski, Dr. Jamie Gravell (American) and Bridgette Wynn.


to Phi Mu Fraternity Leadership & Curriculum Development Department 

Funding a portion of the salaries of the Phi Mu Fraternity Director of Leadership and Curriculum Development and the Assistant Director of Leadership and Curriculum Development for the work of these staff members that supports leadership education and lifetime development of collegiate members.


to the Pantsuit Politics Webinar

Funding the featured keynote speakers’ alumnae Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers (Transy) presenting the topic “Fake News: Discerning What’s Real in a Noisy World.”


for the "Happy" Parker Lowden Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Internship

Funding two internships for Phi Mu women working at CMN Hospitals in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Creating a Pathway to a More Affordable Education

Each year when we award Phi Mu Foundation scholarships, we’re flooded with letters from recipients that remind us of the critical role these scholarships play in women receiving their education. Whether it’s to help an undergraduate woman cut back on her hours at work this semester or to help a medical student reduce the amount of loans she’ll have to take out that semester, Phi Mu Foundation scholarships are helping women reach their highest potential.

"Receiving the Mary McAteer Scholarship has been an incredible blessing to me because as a graduate student, the opportunities for financial assistance become significantly smaller. Phi Mu Foundation is the only organization that I found that considers doctoral students for scholarships; because of this scholarship, I can continue to pursue my Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies debt free!"

Tiffany Sandifer

(Louisiana Tech)

The Foundation awarded 99 Phi Mu women with

$ 0

in academic scholarships in 2021-22 to pursue their undergraduate and graduate-level education.

Preserving our History

Honoring our founders, Mary Myrick Daniel, Mary DuPont Lines and Martha Hardaway Redding, and the rich sisterhood they built anchored in leadership and education, is a point of pride for the Foundation. As the second-oldest Greek organization for women, we are proud to preserve Phi Mu relics of the past and present in order to tell the story of more than 170 years of Phi Mu.

"Historic Preservation is beneficial to our members because it helps us to understand who laid the groundwork for what our Fraternity has become today.”

Kristen Veline


The Foundation invested

$ 0

in 2021-22 in these historic preservation projects:​

$ 0

in rent and insurance for the Philomathean Room at the Cannonball House in Macon, Georgia

$ 0

in American Association for State and Local History membership dues

Responding in Times of Crisis

Phi Mu members have been met with several challenges over the past year, including the global pandemic of COVID-19 which resulted in health and wellness issues and unemployment for many women and their families.

Through our Member Assistance Funds – the Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund and the Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund – we’re able to provide members with financial support to help with tuition and education expenses, along with basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, utilities, and/or medical care.

“When I made the decision to stay in New Orleans for Hurricane Ida, I did not know how much it would affect me. After the storm passed, I was left without power and cell service for days in the 90-degree weather and had to relocate to a hotel. When I received a Phi Mu Foundation member assistance grant, I was able to help pay for my expenses related to the hurricane and I felt so grateful that Phi Mu was there for me. It was with the help of Phi Mu that I was able to recover with peace of mind!”

Allegra Ploeg


In 2021-22, the Foundation provided emergency financial assistance to 15 women totaling

$ 0

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