An Interview with Foundation Donor and Volunteer Lisa Primiani

We sat down to chat with Rose & White Giving Program Member Lisa Primiani, Alpha Epsilon, about her Phi Mu experience and what makes giving back to Phi Mu Foundation so important to her.

How has your Phi Mu journey from collegiate membership to alumnae membership impacted the woman that you are today?

The women I’ve met as an alumna are just as important to me as the women I met as a collegian. They are women who have answered the phone when I was new in town, have helped me in my career, and have always been my support system. Phi Mu and my relationships that I’ve created through Phi Mu are the one thing that’s remained constant during so much change that I’ve gone through since college. 

What has inspired you to give back to Phi Mu Foundation, especially being a member of a giving program?

Knowing that I can make even a small contribution to an organization that gave me so much means so much to me. As a past Chapter Consultant, scholarship recipient and Graduate Counselor, I love knowing that I am giving back to an organization that gave so much to me (and that’s not even including all of my closest friends!)

What led you to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector and how has it shaped your outlook on giving back to organizations that are important to you?  

I got my start in the non-profit world in 2010 as a Chapter Consultant. I loved my experience as a Consultant and loved working for a truly mission-driven organization. In the non-profit world, every decision you make is driven by a mission to impact our world. Once I started working in a non-profit, where success means influencing positive change, I knew I would never be able to work for a non-mission-driven organization again. 

Our non-profits need our support more than ever. They provide critical resources to so many people on a regular basis. But now, in a time of need, non-profits are still able to be nimble and provide critical services (especially when other systems are shut down or overworked). It’s donor support that keeps the Foundation’s mission thriving – which is why it’s so important to support now.

If you can give one piece of advice to a sister who is considering making a contribution to the Foundation, what would that be?

Now is the time! This is an organization for Phi Mus, supported by Phi Mus, and directly benefits Phi Mus. We are all in this together, and we will get through this together. 

If you’d like to join Lisa is giving back to the Foundation and supporting Phi Mu members with your gifts, please visit the Give Now page.