Board of Trustee Appointment

Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees recently accepted the resignation of Becky McKenzie, Epsilon Gamma, as Foundation Trustee, effective September 2014.


“We are thankful for Becky’s leadership and service as a Trustee, specifically her direct efforts to strengthen Phi Mu Foundation’s partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH),” said Phi Mu Foundation President Diane Eggert, Zeta Iota. “As Vice President of Philanthropy for the past six years, Becky saw annual donations to CMNH from collegiate and alumnae chapters increase to over $1 million annually. Her expertise will be missed.”


In accordance to the Phi Mu Foundation Constitution and Bylaws, the Board of Trustees is charged to appoint a person to fill the vacant seat of Trustee. The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Ferguson-Gaines, Epsilon Alpha, as Foundation Trustee. Pamela has been a loyal member of the Carnation Club Giving Program, serving as chair for the 2012-2014 Biennium. She is also a dedicated volunteer to Phi Mu Fraternity and has served in many roles, most recently Area Membership Director. 


Diane states, “Pamela brings a variety of skills to the Foundation Board of Trustees, but above that, Pamela brings a love for the Phi Mu experience and a dedication to Phi Mu Foundation.”


Join Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees and staff in thanking Becky McKenzie for her years of service to the Foundation. Additionally, please welcome Pamela Ferguson-Gaines to the Board of Trustees.