CMN Hospitals Internship Stipend Application Open

Phi Mu Foundation is excited to offer the “Happy” Parker Lowden Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Internship Stipend to a Phi Mu collegian. The internship provides a stipend for 150 hours of service in connection with a CMN Hospitals Development Office, CMN Hospital, or CMN Hospitals National Headquarters.  Service may take place during the school year, in the summer, or in an interim session between semesters.

How will the Children’s Miracle Network Internship benefit me?

The internship promotes career networking skills, provides work experience, and encourages local Phi Mu involvement with CMN Hospitals, Phi Mu’s National Philanthropy.  The intern may be pursuing a major in any subject, such as journalism, medicine, public relations, business, etc.

What are the criteria for the award?

  1. Applicant must be an initiated Phi Mu in good standing.
  2. Applicant must submit a resume that includes Phi Mu experience, work experience, and academic activities.
  3. She will coordinate with CMN Hospitals personnel to develop a plan for service, which will include goals and objectives, applicant’s career plans, and specific tasks to reach the established goals. She will also demonstrate work to promote/organize a campus/community fundraising event.
  4. She will submit a statement of how this internship will promote her career goals and what she hopes to gain from the experience.

How do I apply?

An interested collegian must include the above items, along with an endorsement letter from CMN Hospitals personnel who will supervise the intern.

All items must be mailed or emailed to:

     Phi Mu Foundation

     Attn: CMN Hospitals Internship

     400 Westpark Drive

     Peachtree City, GA 30269

Applications are due March 15.