Empowered to Lead

When deciding to join a sorority, all young women have one common theme as to why: they want to belong somewhere. Phi Mu has not only given me a home and a community of women who accept me for who I am, but it has also assisted me in finding my true passion. When I joined Phi Mu, I thought I had my dreams and goals of college lined up and planned. I was a seemingly confident, but secretly insecure girl, who thought I knew exactly what my college experience was going to be like. Little did I know that the women of Phi Mu at Auburn University were going to encourage me to be the best version of myself that I didn’t even know
existed before.

I was immediately encouraged to apply for an organization on campus, and just a short two weeks later I was sitting in my first meeting of many in my college career. I quickly realized I had an immense passion for leadership and involvement on campus, and jumped into any other organizations I could. My leadership experience sophomore year gave me the opportunity to serve Auburn as an orientation leader, as well as serve on the executive board of the largest organization on campus. The opportunities presented to me would have never been available if it weren’t for Phi Mu encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone.

After recruitment my Junior year, I was given the opportunity to serve on the Phi Mu Foundation Collegiate Leadership Council. I quickly accepted the position and was immediately immersed into a side of Phi Mu that I genuinely had never seen before. The Phi Mu Foundation is the simplest representation of why Phi Mu is so special to so many people. It is a group of women that have been empowered during their college sorority experience and felt led to join a foundation that gives back to the young women that are just a few steps behind them in life. In my time on the Collegiate Leadership Council, I have learned vital skills that will help me
succeed in life including public speaking, networking, fundraising strategies, team-building, and most importantly, finding my purpose. Because of the leadership council, I have found my passion for inspiring others to find their purpose.

This past year I have declared a minor for Leadership, in hopes to continue to use my skills to inspire others. Looking back at my three years in college, it is evident that my experience would not have been the same if it weren’t for the ladies in Phi Mu. If they had never motivated me to get involved, I would have never been able to serve on the council and give back to Phi Mu with the skills they helped me find in myself.

I have enjoyed my time on the Collegiate Leadership Council, and I am thankful for each of the women I have met as well as the opportunities given to me because of the unique experience!

Katy Grace Liscomb is a member of the Alpha Mu Chapter at Auburn University and was a member of the 2018-19 Collegiate Leadership Council.