Gaining Confidence Through Leadership

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Phi Mu Leadership Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.  In the very short four-day weekend I learned more about myself and gained more confidence than I ever imagined I would.  I also fell even more in love with Phi Mu and its mission.

My chapter finished recruitment several weeks ago.  As we all probably know, during recruitment season you begin to think about why you are in Phi Mu and a sorority in general, what keeps you here, and why do you love it so much?  For me, it’s the women.  My Phi Mu sisters pick me up when I’m down, they push me and challenge me to be my very best, they see qualities in me that I do not see in myself, and they love me unconditionally.  When my chapter selected me to be one of two representatives for the Leadership Institute I was so incredibly honored and humbled to know that my chapter saw something special in me.

While at the Leadership Institute I grew in my leadership skills and in my confidence in myself.  I now find myself walking into rooms with my head a little higher and having more confidence when I speak because I am more confident in myself and in my leadership abilities.  The Leadership Institute and the women that I met while there inspired me to not be afraid to put myself out there.  I recently applied and was selected to serve on my university’s Greek Leadership Board.  Only eight individuals from across my university’s Greek organizations were selected.  I may never have had the courage to apply for this position had it not been for the encouragement of my Phi Mu sisters on my campus and that I met at the Leadership Institute.   The relationships that I developed with the other attendees and facilitators I know will last a lifetime.  Months later, we are still messaging each other updates and words of encouragement in our group message.

Words truly cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity of attend the Phi Mu Leadership Institute.  The lessons that I learned at the Leadership Institute have shaped the way that I approach the world.  I walked away from the Leadership Institute a better leader, Phi Mu, and woman; and for that, I will be forever thankful.  I am so excited to see where I and my fellow attendees go as a result of our incredible experiences at the Leadership Institute.

Guest Blog Contributor Bayley Sharp, Alpha Gamma, Samford University, is a member of the Phi Mu Foundation Collegiate Leadership Council.