Meet Danielle “Dani” Driscoll Andre, Zeta Iota

“After my family lost everything due to a serious flood in Grand Forks, ND, I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the money or the strength to finish up my last year of college. I knew I couldn’t ask my parents for money for school or Phi Mu when they were trying to rebuild their lives. But someone (I’m still not sure who) found it in their heart to nominate me for a grant from the Phi Mu Foundation Heart and Hand Fund, which helped pay for books and tuition for the fall semester.  That money gave me the strength to finish college on time, and I give to Phi Mu Foundation each year in honor of what they did for me.”

One of the most significant ways we are able to lend a helping hand to sisters is through the Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund and the Betty Wilkinson Emergency Fund. When you make a contribution to these funds, we are able to help women just like Danielle who have faced tragic and life-altering situations due to natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other unique circumstances. Consider making a gift today!