Meet the Board of Trustees

At the biennial Foundation Business Session at National Convention, Phi Mu Foundation members elected five members to serve during the 2018-2022 term, and help round out the 12-member Board of Trustees. Two members of National Council will also serve as Trustees during this term: National President and Foundation Chairman of the Board Andie Burchett Kash, Delta Eta, and National Vice President Beth Denney Ward, Delta Eta.

At the Board of Trustees meeting following the National Convention, Trustees elected Pamela Gaines, Epsilon Alpha, to serve as President, and Jennifer Chapman Joyner, Alpha Iota, as Corporate Secretary/Treasurer.

Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees:

President Pamela Gaines, Epsilon Alpha (2016-2020)

Chairman of the Board Andie Burchett Kash, Delta Eta (2018-2020)

Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Chapman Joyner, Alpha Iota (2016-2020)

Delicia Bryant Arnold, Kappa Omega (2016-2020)

Robin White Fanning, Beta Iota (2016-2020)

Jennifer Jardine, Beta Tau (2016-2020)

Jen Free, Kappa Nu (2018-2022)

Danita Morgan, Gamma Lambda (2018-2022)

Beth Denney Ward, Delta Eta (2018-2020)

Shannon Byrnes Weaver, Delta Epsilon (2018-2022)

Jen Wu, Kappa Omicron (2018-2022)

Mary Romeo Young, Alpha Zeta (2018-2022)