Meet Trustee Beth Reisinger, Phi Gamma

This summer, we welcomed National Vice President Beth Reisinger, Phi Gamma, to our board as the newly appointed Trustee from National Council. In addition to her time on National Council, Beth has served the Fraternity and Foundation in a myriad of roles over the years, including the National Director of Alumnae, Area Operations and Finance Director for the Beta Area, and a loyal member of Phi Mu Foundation’s 1852 Society for more than 11 years.

Beth’s volunteer work in the Fraternity’s Alumnae Department and her active role in the Charlotte Alumnae Chapter have provided her with a unique perspective on the value of Phi Mu membership long after our collegiate days have come to an end.

“Phi Mu has given so much to me in my post-collegiate career. From networking opportunities to continuing education, Phi Mu has brought all that and more into my life. My career has relocated me to new cities – New York City and Charlotte – and in both places Phi Mu was my constant, providing a group of women to connect with almost immediately.”

Not only did Beth’s connection to alumnae chapters help her feel right at home in each new city, she also met other Phi Mu alumnae who became some of her very best friends along the way. Through this experience, Beth has been reminded time and again that our membership experience is so much more than just the four years we spend in college and why it’s critically important for each of us to invest in the lifetime development of women through Phi Mu Foundation.

“I would like all Phi Mus to feel a vested interest in the work and impact of Phi Mu Foundation so that they give regularly knowing any amount is significant. When convention attendees arrive in Florida this summer, I hope they see Foundation materials and think, ‘I helped make that happen!’ Supporting the Foundation is supporting our Phi Mu sisters and chapters in need of financial support through scholarships, assistance, leadership and personal development programming. All donations make an impact on Phi Mu sisters.”

Whether it is in convention materials as Beth mentioned, through a woman who has received a Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship, or a chapter adviser who benefits from leadership training, members who support the Foundation can see their investment in action in the lives of members and programs throughout the year. When we asked Beth about her favorite way to get members excited about giving back to the Foundation, she didn’t hesitate in letting us know about her favorite Foundation fundraising campaign.

“I love the M3 Campaign and how it invigorates and engages our collegiate members with the Foundation! The month of March is already a special time for Phi Mu sisters as we honor our sisterhood and founders Mary Myrick Daniel, Mary DuPont Lines and Martha Hardaway Redding. To kick off the M3 Campaign in their honor, while also striving to support the lifetime development of our members, naturally goes hand in hand for me.”

When asked about her Foundation goals for the future, Beth hopes that when members converge in Florida for Phi Mu National Convention next summer, she can look out into the Foundation membership body during the business session and announce that the Foundation has exceeded scholarship awards for the biennium and is helping more women than ever before accomplish their dreams of a higher education!