Meet Vicki Ryan, Zeta Pi

While Vicki Ryan was wrapping up her undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Missouri Western State College in the spring of 1978, she was presented with a unique opportunity to serve as a Phi Mu Graduate Counselor. The Phi Mu Graduate Counselor program was funded by a grant through Phi Mu Foundation from the Alpha Memorial Scholarship Fund, which existed to provide scholarships to Phi Mu members who were interested in pursuing graduate studies while also serving as counselors to help Phi Mu collegiate chapters grow and thrive.

As a Phi Mu Graduate Counselor, Vicki received a scholarship to help her attain her Masters of Business Administration at Oklahoma State University while working with the Epsilon Gamma Chapter at Tulsa University and assisting with the colonization of Epsilon Nu Chapter at Oklahoma State University in 1979.

“A Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship to serve as a Graduate Counselor started my Phi Mu engagement beyond the local level. Phi Mu Foundation opened doors to my degree, early leadership opportunities, awesome volunteer opportunities, and a lifetime of Phi Mu friendships.”

Little did Vicki know her role as a Graduate Counselor was only the beginning of a remarkable volunteer journey with Phi Mu. A loyal Foundation donor and member of the 1852 Society, Vicki has served the Fraternity and Foundation in various volunteer roles, including serving as a Vice President on National Council from 1984-1990 as well as a Foundation Trustee from 1986-1990. Most recently, Vicki made a multi-tiered commitment to the Foundation’s One Destiny campaign, along with a planned gift, ensuring that generations of Phi Mu women have the same incredible opportunities that she had.

“I’m committed to paying back the education that Phi Mu Foundation afforded me through Graduate Counselor scholarships.  I may not have pursued my MBA without Phi Mu leaders presenting me with a challenge and then the opportunity to further my education.  I hope my contributions to Foundation enable others to do the same.”

Not only did Vicki’s Phi Mu experience expose her to leadership and educational experiences, but it also taught her valuable lessons that she carried well into her career as an executive in the highly-competitive technology industry.

“Phi Mu has always presented leadership opportunities that helped me learn and grow from collegiate roles through area and national offices.  Each of these experiences prepared me with the skills I used in my career in the business world – teamwork, managing projects, communication, budgeting, motivating others, consensus building, and strategic planning.”

As we head into the new year and a new Phi Mu biennium, there are exciting opportunities on the horizon for Phi Mu Foundation, including the launch of the next campaign for Phi Mu, One Destiny.  Vicki serves on the Area Campaign Leadership Team for One Destiny and is looking forward to sharing her passion for Phi Mu Foundation with sisters across the country as we build the groundwork to invest in transformational experiences for every Phi Mu woman.

“As Phi Mus progress in their careers and have the means to share their success, I can think of no better Foundation to support than the one that launched that road to success in the first place. Begin with whatever you can contribute, and then commit to annual goals each year. Over time, you will be surprised how much your overall contributions can grow.  Just start with a purposeful pledge to yourself to contribute on an ongoing basis.”

If you are interested in joining Vicki and documenting a planned gift to Phi Mu Foundation, please contact the Director of Major Gifts Mandi Young at