#MeetTheMus: Trustee Sharon Staley, AX

We’re launching a multi-part series this summer called #MeetTheMus, where we’ll introduce one of our Phi Mu Foundation Trustees each week, and give you an inside peek at what drives their passion for the lifetime development of Phi Mu women.

Our Trustee spotlight for this week is Sharon Staley!

What made your collegiate Phi Mu experience special?

The camaraderie that we had as a chapter made my experience so special.  We weren’t a large chapter, but we were able to do big things – like host Bob Hope in Lubbock – because we believed in ourselves!

What (or who) influenced you to give back to Phi Mu as an alumnae volunteer?

My mother. She used to tell me that if you find something that you love and it gives you great joy, you should share it with everyone you can!

How has your journey in Phi Mu impacted the woman that you are today?

Phi Mu gave me the confidence that I could do anything I wanted to do. It was in Phi Mu that I learned to be a leader and work together as a team, and that has been invaluable to me.

What legacy do you hope to leave for Phi Mu through your work with the Foundation?

That we will have a strong Foundation to support Fraternity programs, and that we are able to provide scholarships to all women who need them.

What would you tell a young alumna about why she should invest with the Foundation?

It’s quite simple. I would remind them that part of our Creed reads to ‘lend to those less fortunate a helping hand.’

What is your favorite Phi Mu tradition?

I love the tradition of getting your Big/Little Sister and of course, National Convention!

What is your favorite song on the radio right now?

Happy by Pharrell

What book is on your summer reading list?

Any books by Danielle Steele

Sharon is an Interior Designer in Houston, Texas, and enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren, especially at “Camp GiGi” every summer!