Member Assistance Applications on the Rise

We’ve received a record number of member assistance applications in the last 12 months from women dealing with everything from COVID-19 to natural disasters to unforeseen medical events. The Member Assistance Committee has been busy reviewing these applications and steadily providing grant recommendations to the Board of Trustees. We’ve awarded 30 grants from the Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund and the Betty Nell Wilkinson Emergency Fund totaling more than $33,000 to women in need during this fiscal year.

“The Leona Hughes Hughes Heart and Hand Fund grant helped me and my family tremendously following the destruction left behind from Hurricane Laura. Our home was deemed unlivable and the grant helped ease some of the financial burdens and aided with living arrangements, supplies for our infant son, along with food and gas needed for the many weeks without power.”

When you’re thinking of giving back this summer, consider helping us replenish our Member Assistance Funds at