Meet Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship Recipient Erin Hediger, Chi

The first Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship I received – the St. Louis/Elizabeth Millman Alumnae Educational Fund Scholarship – was when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri. I was awarded the scholarship during my sophomore year after I had fought and beat cancer. My chapter had been there for me during the most difficult part of my life, and I was honored to receive even more support through Phi Mu with a scholarship. Likewise, after continuing my studies amid chemotherapy and radiation treatments, receiving a scholarship showed me all the hard work was worth it.

After having graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences, I am now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Genetic Counseling at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to start a career as a Genetic Counselor. For my graduate studies, I was awarded a second Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship – the Dorothy Scott Doty Fund Scholarship. This experience has helped me realize how the benefits of being a Phi Mu are not restricted to collegians, but extend to alumnae, too. I know that during my graduate program and beyond, Phi Mu will always be there for me. After graduation, I hope to start a job in a hospital working with cancer patients and their families.

Phi Mu Foundation’s commitment to our sorority and helping members pursue their educational endeavors is admirable, and your contributions really do make a difference in members’ lives. Phi Mu Foundation Scholarships help take the financial burden off women pursuing their college and graduate degrees. They help inspire and encourage women to go after their dreams and set goals. But most of all, these scholarships remind members how connected we are, regardless of age, distance, or chapter. Being a recipient of these scholarships, I am reminded of how true and powerful the words Love in Our Bond really are.

Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do in supporting Phi Mu Foundation.