Trustee Tuesday: Meet Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Chapman Joyner

Next up on our Trustee Tuesday series is Phi Mu Foundation Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Chapman Joyner, Alpha Iota. Known better to her Phi Mu sisters as “JJ,” she was elected to serve as Corporate Secretary/Treasurer by her Trustee peers this summer following Phi Mu National Convention, and is responsible for overseeing the financial operations of the Foundation, in addition to recording the Board of Trustees minutes. JJ is a member of the 1852 Society and lives in Columbus, Georgia with her husband and daughter. She works at Columbus State University as the Assistant VP of Alumni Engagement and Special Events.

“I didn’t realize I had a passion for meeting new people and event planning until I was the membership director in college. That totally changed my professional trajectory! I don’t think anyone in college even thinks about a career in alumni engagement and university advancement (or knows about it), but if you love higher education this is a growing field and I’ve been privileged to work in it for 20 years. Plus, if you are lucky like me, your institution will have a Phi Mu chapter there you get to help and support.”

From Mercer University to Columbus State, and several chapters in between during her time as an Area Membership Director, Area Membership Coordinator and current Membership Adviser, JJ has had an incredible impact on hundreds of women early on their Phi Mu journey. And one thing she’s shared with them from the very beginning is that Phi Mu is for more than just four years and that as an alumna, you should give back where your time and talents allow.

“Phi Mu has always been my top philanthropic priority and by serving on the Foundation Board of Trustees, I get to see first hand how my support and time has benefited our members in numerous ways that will affect them for their lifetime. I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that!”

In a world where so much of what you see on social media can be disheartening, the Foundation is finding ways to promote positivity and sisterhood – a reminder of what binds us together at our core – through many of its campaigns throughout the year. The annual M3 Campaign, 18 Hours & 52 Minutes of Giving and the #insPHIred campaign have all encouraged members to take to their keyboards to share the passion and pride they have as Phi Mu women.

“When I look back on some of the highlights of the past year, I can’t help but think about how much I love our day of giving! It is amazing to watch my social media flood with alumnae and collegiate members talking about why they cherish our sisterhood and support Phi Mu Foundation. It is 18 hours and 52 minutes of complete joy!”

Through her time as a Phi Mu volunteer, JJ has seen the direct impact that gifts to the Foundation can make on a woman’s life. Whether it’s watching an emerging chapter leader blossom after attending Phi Mu Leadership Institute, or hearing from a working mom who’s headed back to school because of a Foundation scholarship, JJ knows the tremendous difference a contribution to the Foundation can make in the lives of our members.


“Phi Mu Foundation’s sole purpose is to support our members and the Fraternity. Supporting the Foundation provides opportunities to further our members’ education through scholarships and leadership training, connects us to our history and supports our members in dire situations. The Fraternity offers extraordinary opportunities for our members; imagine what we could do if everyone made Phi Mu Foundation a top philanthropic priority!”

Much like Pamela, when we asked JJ what she would like to see as the Foundation’s banner headline at the 2020 National Convention, she is excited about the next campaign for Phi Mu! She hopes by 2020, the Foundation can announce fantastic progress toward our fundraising goal.