Trustee Tuesday: Meet National President and Foundation Chairman of the Board Andie Kash, Delta Eta

Next up on our Trustee Tuesday series is Phi Mu National President and Foundation Chairman of the Board Andie Kash, Delta Eta.  Following her election as National President this summer at convention, Andie also assumed the position of Chairman of the Board for Phi Mu Foundation. In this role, she works alongside the Foundation President and Executive Director to lead the Foundation into the next biennium. Andie lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband and three children.

Andie graduated from Georgetown College and worked for Phi Mu as a Chapter Consultant from 1993-1994. What began as a year spent traveling across Phi Mu America turned into a storied career of volunteering for Phi Mu, including serving on National Council for a total of 10 years and on the Foundation Board of Trustees for four years prior to her election as National President. Andie is a long-standing Foundation Donor and member of the 1852 Society and believes strongly in the power of giving back.

“Phi Mu has given me so much that it is important for me to give back. While there are many fantastic ways the Foundation supports the Fraternity and our members, to me, one of the most important things we can do is to help make college more affordable for our members through academic scholarships.”

Throughout the years, Andie has been instrumental in transforming Phi Mu into an organization equipped to meet the needs of today’s modern woman. Among her many accomplishments, she played a key role in growing the Fraternity through collegiate chapter extension plans and helped develop and implement Phi Mu’s 2003 and 2013 strategic plans. She achieved all of this while also running her family’s business as the Chief Executive Officer and President of HI-FLOAT®.

“I run a family business and that is exactly how I think of Phi Mu! My professional experience and Phi Mu experience share many of the same challenges and I see the parallels on a daily basis. Phi Mu has made me a better business leader, and my job at HI-FLOAT has prepared me to lead Phi Mu.”

When we asked Andie what she’d like to see headlining the Foundation Business Session at the 2020 Phi Mu National Convention, she circled back to her passion for helping to reduce the financial burden on women seeking a college education: “When I look out at all of the women in the 2020 Convention body, I’d like to announce that the Foundation is granting a record number of scholarships that are helping our members  get the education they deserve without the heavy debt that can come from student loans.”