Trustee Tuesday: Get to Know the Foundation Board of Trustees

During the Foundation Business Session this summer, members elected five women to the Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees for the 2018-2022 term, rounding out the 12-member board of volunteers who guide the Foundation forward. These women joined the sitting Trustees in electing Foundation President Pamela Gaines, ΕΑ, and Corporate Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Chapman Joyner, ΑΙ. Also appointed to the board were Fraternity National President and Foundation Chairman of the Board Andie Burchett Kash, ΔΗ, and Fraternity National Vice President Beth Denney Ward, ΔΗ.



Together, these women have served Phi Mu Fraternity in nearly every volunteer capacity possible, including as National Presidents and National Council members, Area Membership Directors, Chapter Advisers, Chapter Association Presidents, Chapter Consultants, Graduate Counselors and so much more! Their incredible experience is marked by the decades of servant leadership they have provided to Phi Mu members and now bring with them to the Foundation. This group of talented and driven women is prepared to take the Foundation to new heights over the next biennium, and we want to take the opportunity over the next several weeks to introduce each of them to you.


Join us as we celebrate “Trustee Tuesdays” and feature one Trustee each week on our website and social media, beginning next Tuesday, November 13. In the meantime, make sure you’re following us @PhiMuFoundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you don’t miss a thing!