Meet Foundation Donor Dr. Jennifer Rhatigan, Alpha Nu

This summer at Convention, we had the opportunity to hear from one of our Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship Recipients, Dr. Jennifer Rhatigan, Alpha Nu, on how her scholarship helped her accomplish her academic and career goals. Dr. Rhatigan joined Phi Mu at the University of Florida and later received her Master’s Degree from North Carolina State University with the help of a Phi Mu Foundation Scholarship. When she graduated from N.C. State, NASA was hiring engineers to design and build the International Space Station, and she had the incredible opportunity to be part of that team. If you happen to look up and see the Space Station in the night sky, remember that a Phi Mu helped build it!

“In 1987, I was pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University. As a scholarship recipient, Phi Mu Foundation believed in me at a time when women were openly discouraged from pursuing engineering degrees, much less advanced degrees in engineering.”

In addition to her amazing career in mechanical and aerospace engineering, Dr. Rhatigan also serves as Chapter Adviser for the Eta Sigma Chapter at University of California-Merced and is a member of the Legacy League annual giving program.  Thank you, Dr. Rhatigan, for giving back to Phi Mu and inspiring all of us to reach for the stars (quite literally)!