Meet Foundation Donor Janeen Judah, Epsilon Kappa

Foundation Member Janeen Judah has worn many hats in her time in Phi Mu, but you may know her best from her role as Constitution and Bylaws Chairman. For years, Janeen has ‘run the floor’ during Convention business sessions, informing members of proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws each biennium, and answering any questions they might have as they prepare to cast their vote.  In addition to C&B Chairman, Janeen is also a Past National Council Member, 1852 Society Member and a Three Star Foundation Donor. Janeen is always there to lend an experienced ear and has been instrumental in helping to advance the Fraternity and Foundation over the years.

Earlier this year, Janeen announced her retirement after a trailblazing engineering career with Chevron. Most recently serving as the president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and as general manager of Chevron’s South Africa business, Janeen’s rich experience in her industry won’t stop with retirement. Now serving on the board of directors for Patterson-UTI Energy, Janeen is expanding her passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through her work.

“I am a big advocate for engineering as a surefire way for first-generation college students to get on a career trajectory with only four years of college and little debt, if you help finance your college with internships. Most of the grand challenges faced by our society are engineering challenges — energy for all, technology access, clean air and water, climate change, medical advances (as the interface between engineering and medicine gets fuzzier) — and the need for technical minds has never been greater. Girls should not be afraid to aim high and study STEM fields and be problem-solvers!” (Quote taken from an article on Janeen, written by Pink Petro. Click here for the full interview.)

Building on Janeen’s personal and professional commitment to investing in women in the engineering industry, we are proud to announce that the Janeen Judah Sisters in Engineering Scholarship will be available for the 2019-20 academic year. Thank you, Janeen, for helping to advance the lifetime development of women and the next generation of groundbreaking engineers!

If you are interested in learning more about how you or your chapter can establish a scholarship fund, please contact Director of Major Gifts Mandi Young at